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The fairest in sales and finest in service for over 70 years. Welcome to the Forbes Automotive Family!

At the Forbes Automotive Family, we know that driving is much more than a commute! It’s an opportunity for new adventures and experiences, the means of connecting family and friends, and most importantly, it’s what has shaped the face of Canadian transportation.

Forbes Family Feedback

Based on 441 reviews
Based on 3 reviews
شاه سعید
شاه سعید
15:21 17 Jan 21
Phil Rawn
Phil Rawn
10:25 15 Jan 21
Julie White
Julie White
20:47 14 Jan 21
I can always count on great service at Forbes whether purchasing a new vehicle or getting my car serviced. Forbes is the best!
Joan Richardson
Joan Richardson
23:25 13 Jan 21
In November of 2019 we were in the market for a new car. At the time we were leasing a Toyota Camry and while we were more than satisfied with that vehicle, my husband's health and mobility led us to look for a vehicle that would provide easier in and out for my husband. We were considering an SUV, specifically the Toyota Rav4.I discussed this with my fellow KW Kiwanis member, Alan Chalmers. He was most helpful, not to mention that he is a charming Scot.Within 24 hours we made the decision to switch vehicles.We could not be more satisfied. Many thanks to Alan and the Forbes Motor Company for assisting us and expediting the purchase. I commend Forbes for their excellent customer service before, during and after our taking possession of our Rav4. Well done!
Steve Descotes
Steve Descotes
21:51 13 Jan 21