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The fairest in sales and finest in service for over 70 years. Welcome to the Forbes Automotive Family!

At the Forbes Automotive Family, we know that driving is much more than a commute! It’s an opportunity for new adventures and experiences, the means of connecting family and friends, and most importantly, it’s what has shaped the face of Canadian transportation.

Forbes Family Feedback

Based on 381 reviews
Based on 19 reviews
Jim Rae
Jim Rae
22:15 24 Feb 20
April M
April M
19:05 20 Feb 20
best dealership in the region
Debbie Martins
Debbie Martins
02:26 30 Jan 20
I found the experience at GMC Forbes was fantastic from start to finish. Very welcoming environment with lots of friendly staff. Manni was the salesperson that dealt with the purchase of the 2010 Cadillac CTS which was in impeccable condition plus was offered at a fabulous price. There were several bells and whistles to learn but Manni made sure he spent the time necessary to go over everything before we left. He went above and beyond. Much appreciated and 100% will highly recommend this dealership...
Theresa Toews
Theresa Toews
14:37 27 Jan 20
Matt Kubista
Matt Kubista
03:02 23 Jan 20
Would highly recommend. We actually drove through Waterloo as we were going to look at cars and wanted to compare a Cadillac XT6 with another vehicle as we are not local from Vaughan. We here met Graham Miller who met us to show us exactly what we were looking for a rare XT6 with select features. He immediately located one found it on the compound ran to get it, for us to test drive it in a cold winter day. Then to even top this he was the ONLY GM dealer which was able to get me the car in the colour we wanted in the trim we wanted. No other dealer could dealer trade or locate it. Plus he made the deal even more enticing with amazing Costco promotions to get us the best deal possible. Being a person who buys cars regularly as I have a fleet, it’s a rare find to have someone who cares as much as Graham.I must say if your in need of any GM vehicle call or go to this dealership and speak to Graham Miller. We drove from Vaughan all the way to Waterloo just because of the impeccable service. Graham thank you sir, and look forward to future transactions.